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Home groups

Home groups do not take place in church, but at home during the week. The groups are small and more familial. Together we read the Bible, exchange ideas, sing and pray for each other. There is always time for a few snacks and a cosy get-together. We feel that home groups strengthen us for everyday life.

The home groups are open to all who are interested. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

One of our home groups is specifically for young adults. It takes place on Mondays at 8:00 pm. The contact person for this is Matthias Draheim (

There is also an Italian-speaking group: Noi siamo un picolo gruppo che ci incontriamo per pregare e studiare la parola di Dio nella nostra linqua madre Italiana. Noi ci incontriamo ogni seconda setimana (prosimo incontro 15.6.23) sempre alle ore 19.30. Ulteriore Informatione ricevete dalla Responsabile Maria Paccione ( ti aspetiamo! Dio ti benedica.

Bible studies

Every Wednesday at 3:00 pm we meet in the church rooms for Bible studies, a break in the daily routine. Together we study the Bible and have fellowship. Interested people are always welcome. Contact Siegfried Hillebrand for more information ( or 07531/32140).

Parent-child group

Every Thursday from 10:00-11:30 am the parent-child playgroup takes place in our foyer. All parents with children aged 0-3 years are invited. The focus is on playing; snacks and coffee are provided. The group also offers an opportunity for parents to exchange ideas. We are happy to welcome everyone who drops by! Registration is not necessary.

Attention: The parent-child group will not take place on July, 4th.

Please feel free to contact us at

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We offer courses as needed to help people gain deeper insights into topics of faith. For teens, we offer Bible classes that provide a comprehensive overview of the entire Bible in an age-appropriate way. For people who are interested in faith, we offer the Alpha course. For those interested in baptism, the baptism course< is offered. The courses are open to everyone who is interested. They take place as needed. If you are interested, please contact our church office (07531/32140).


The SMD Konstanz is a Christian university group of all denominations at the University and HTWG. The SMD services take place in our church rooms. You can find the dates and further information on the SMD Konstanz website.